My December Issue preview :)

My December Issue preview :)



Good triumphed over evil = boring!

Good triumphed over evil = boring!






Thoughts on Robert Jensen’s “Pornographic Query:Is a DP Inherently Sexist?”

Here is a chat a friend Nick and I were having, I figured I might as well blog it.

RNickKelley said:

DP where to begin. I think Jensen is correct in saying that there is an attraction from the male point of view to DP that is a bit misogynistic. We men, and I think unfortunately, seem to have a view that if a woman will do a DP then she is somehow to be degraded. However I donโ€™t think that is wholly a negative. There may be an S&M quality to it. If you think about sex as a whole it is very primal. In that more animal part of our psyche we enjoy the domination factor of sex and men enjoy being the dominate on the most part. However sharing this dominate position with another male is the step too far for many men.

This is why I think there is a homosexual quality from the male perspective of a DP. Yes you feel you are dominating the woman but you are also sharing an intimate moment with another male. That is really a leap for most guys. Is that homosexuality? Maybe but it is a level of trust with one of the other two in the threesome that you have to have. So in a DP sexist? I would have to say it is to a point. The woman in a DP situation is a second actor for the reason that you have to have an understanding with all parties involved. That urge to be dominate over the woman and a closeness with the male partner detaches emotions from the female even further.

Add to that guys like to brag. Most DPs that I have heard of are not a bragging situation. Usually it was talked about in a drunken state and they put the woman down then they seem to over explain how male parts did not touch. Which you know they did I think that is just part of denial. Anyway that is my quick though of DP. I think there is a sexist quality to it added with a homosexual fantasy. I do not think it could be anything else unless all in the DP are bisexual then we are talking something completely different.


My response:

Thats interesting I never saw it that way as if a woman is meant to be degraded if she enjoys that type of thing. I really think the idea of “degradation” is not well defined. For someone to be degraded, she (or he) has to be put down and placed beneath those degrading her. She morally has to lower in grade relative to where she was before. Next, for the most part 1 man is usually stronger than 1 woman. But 2 men present even more superiority in terms of strength next to 1 woman making the woman APPEAR to be vulnerable. In this sense, the DP creates an image of a woman in danger or at the very least, in a position she can’t benefit from. So I think a DP looks degrading at first glance because as humans, regardless of gender, we all have some knowledge of how bad things like rape and violence are. I mean, Opgrah Winfrey and The Hallmark Channel won’t let us forget about all the women who have been abused by men and I think people are scared to stick up for hardcore porn because they’re afraid that they might be sticking up for rape and/or violence in the view of their peers.* So really, to say that a DP is degrading is just to be blinded by the illusion that when a woman is positioned in a certain way between men that leaves her little room to move, she is actually less of an individual. Furthermore, the fact that a woman can actually desire “taboo”* with x amount of people, men in this case, and then go home and wake up the next morning for a brand new day, without being stoned, dismissed from the community or worse, is to me the proof that DP is quite the opposite of degrading, its in fact a sign of our progress and freedom as a function of that progress. Not that women weren’t sexual before, I really have no clue, I wasn’t alive but they are doing it now, on camera. There are certain countries where my behavior on and off camera would literally get me killed. This is not one of those countries. Now the problem really lies in the fact that seems to be (based on second hand knowledge) a desire to degrade the woman and that the men taking part in it are only taking part in it because they want to put her down. In that sense, I can see how a DP would be sexist and degrading but its only in the mind of the men. If the woman has enough wisdom to see what is really going on and knows that she is not any less of an individual just because she’s positioned between 2 stronger individuals, then the idea of degradation should never reach her understanding. And she can carry on her with her intercourse..s til she receives all the satisfaction she requires.
So the only way that she can actually BE degraded is if she is blinded by the illusion that DP IS degrading. And yet it still feels slightly sexist to know that people desire to degrade her. But do they desire this because of who she is or isnt? Or is it because of who THEY are or aren’t?
Taking part in anything seemingly gay makes men feel like less of themselves (once again, second hand knowledge). If they do feel this way, maybe they continue because they don’t want to acknowledge whats going on, or maybe they stop and one guy gets a blowjob while the woman backs-it-up on the other guy. Then again, maybe the men are comfortable with their sexualities so they don’t care that their skin is touching and even grinding because they know who they are fucking. Or maybe even still, thats where the desire to degrade the woman comes from, their frustration of wanting so badly just to see a woman have sex like that and then realizing they have to do something unnatural to them so they take it out on the woman because they sure as hell won’t take it out on themselves. I can’t speak for the men because I dont have the psychology of a man so I will never really know what that experience is like from that side.

I can see some sexism in this DP thing but I think it goes more towards the men. Afterall, I think it sucks more for a guy to perform a DP because of the gay issue (provided he is not gay or curious) than it does for a female because why would she do it if she didn’t enjoy it? I think Robert Jensen believes that as a porn actress, she could very well hate it and think its the worst thing in the world because it hurts or she has to pee or she hates the idea of 2 cocks touching but regardless, if she makes the decision to take part in it, its because she wanted to do that more than she wanted any alternative. And even if she doesn’t like it, on a porn set at least, she is not in harm’s way. So she will never be degraded while taking part in or choosing not to take part in a DP because so long as she has the option of free will, she has what I choose to call freedom. And I just don’t see any room for sexism when freedom is around.

*I am not at all saying that women who have known rape or violence are not victims because I do sympathize with them and see men who do that as fucking little bitches, but we can’t let our fear of that affect our right to sexual exploration or the right of others.
*I fucking hate the word “taboo”. In order for “taboo” to exist, there has to be a group of people claiming that certain sexual preferences are wrong, as if they have a fucking say in what another person’s right and wrong are. But I used the term to express the fact that women nowadays CAN go against what society deems unacceptable.

There, Im done playing philosopher for the night. Back to being a pornstar/student. Please check out my site and don’t forget to vote for me in the MissFreeones contest . You can also vote for me for Best Euro Babe and Best CamGirl . Thanks guys ๐Ÿ™‚ Last, but not least, picture time

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Teeny tiny update :)

What an awesome day. I woke up and my gf made me cum 3 times in a row. She blindfolded me and strapped me to her bed. Wow. My orgasms are so important to her and I fucking love that.ย  Then I shot for and put 2 dildos up my pussy at once. It was my Valentine’s Day update and I was kinda bummed that my male talent got the flu and couldn’t shoot but then I was like fuck it, I’ll just have 2 toys. So I DP’d my pussy and Ivan said it was really cool, that he’d never seen anyone do that before so I felt special.. and a little sore lol. Anyways, just wanted to update you guys on that to let you know to keep your eyes open for that on my site sometime this week ๐Ÿ™‚ Talk to you soon guys

<3 Nat



Aye aye aye final tomorrow night and I need a break from cramming. I’ve been seeing this girl for a while and she keeps me sane in the mist of the fork in the road. I love the way she touches me whether we r having sex or not. She has a medicinal energy that I’ve always day dreamt about. She takes my orgasms so seriously and it’s no surprise she’s practically perfected it by now. I swear I even squirted once cuz I felt my juices pumping out of my pussy hole while I my muscles tensed from cumming. She’s big on expressing how we feel even it feels uncomfortable and awkward. She teaches me the importance of not keeping shit all bundled up inside and even though letting it out embarrasses me sometimes I can see how moving towards that discomfort is strengthening me. It’s ok to feel. It’s not ok not to feel. An NBA coach said in an interview last year that all the greats stay uncomfortable. According to the article, the best ball players run their plays dribbling 2 balls at a time (lol 2 balls…) so that when its time to run it with one, they can handle the pressure. Hmmm…. I wonder if I increased the number of cocks I take at a time, would my one-on-one skills go thru the roof? Just a thought. Anyways the point is I’ve met a girl who makes me want to better myself even if its just working out a little harder so I can make her more wet when I see her. I don’t usually see her during the week so I’ve been spending lots of time with my fingers and I’ve noticed I cum so much fucking harder now that my pussy knows how to cum for someone else’s mouth. Weird. I gotta admit that I’ve been missing cock a lot lately. I got some real good dick in Vegas but shit that was a while ago. I wish I had a lonely old geezer living next door that I could seduce for a cup of sugar haha. Anyways I think I should get back to my studies. Talk to you all soon boys and girls! <3 Nat









You can take the girl out of porn….

Good morning everyone. It’s finals week at community college and I am so ready for it to be over. I tell ya, you can take the girl out of porn but you can’t take the porn out of the girl. It seems everywhere I go I see a cool new idea for a shoot or a good looking prospect to warm my throat and then I go off into my daydreaming lala land fantasizing about what the scene would look like, how it would start (lately theyve been starting in the rain) and whether it would be romantic or hardcore. then i just end up making myself cum with my hitachi and dildo. How pathetic is that?! And I’m not trying to be pessimistic but I miss the days of yawning in the makeup chair, anxiously waiting for my costar to arrive and seeing what we can accomplish together once the camera starts rolling. It would seem I’ve embarked on a journey to become something new thinking it was also something better and yet when looking back I feel I have unfinished business and pleasure. I’m like a premature ejaculation trying to jump out into the world before the time is right. At first I figured I was on an “AVN high” simply motivated by the recent glitz and glamor but that usually wears off by now. How many times can I say “I’m done with porn” or “I’m back to porn” or “I’m back… With my first anal!” only to have second thoughts about whether or not it’s right for me. I mean, this has been me for 1/4th of my life-6 years and is it really ok to leave that behind without ever having given it my ALL? Not to say school isn’t going well, I’m managing straight As and making some great friends (and then some lol) along the way so I wouldn’t give that up but fuuuuuck. I wonder if this is what Jay Z feels like every time he claims to be done with rap an then comes back like “ok after THIS album I’m out”. I got a job as a math tutor so long as I attend an orientation next week. In the words of the great late Mufasa “It is time” lol. Time to decided which profession to pursue head on without regrets or looking back. And then it’s time to act. And see what can be accomplished.









Blah blah lab

Just watched Nightmare Before Christmas with my friend from bio. I was kinda bummed that didn’t get to become the person he wanted to be. Guess you can’t be something you’re not…

So finals week is over. I had a great time celebrating last night with some friends. I explored my sexuality with this girl I never would’ve thought to be into me but I’ll leave it at that. She was super wet and fucked me with my dildo til like 5 am. Lol and she just texted me asking me for more. Should I do it? Kinda scared to go for it but really want to. Girls who arent paid to be lesbians are way more intriguing. And way kinder than guys. Gotta go.

Meat music and more

So spfotola is at my house cooking meat and it fucking smells delicious. He brought me rosemary in a baggy and I had to laugh at that. It smells so good. So far of all the green herbs I’ve received in baggies, we r 2 for 2 on awesome scents. I can’t wait to eat I’m so hungry. I think it’s time to bring back operation gain 10 lbs for the simple facts that a) I’m hungry and b) I’m cold. Just put Almost Famous into my Xbox (the movie not the song). Between that and the classic rock station on Pandora, I should be back to my old self in no time. Then again, I’ve never seen this film…
Fast forward 2 hours. Just walked Steve to his car. Food was amazing. Movie was delicious. Not a mixup. It’s amazing how much Zeppelin is in that film without actually being in it. Gotta love it. I’ve been listening to Zeppelin since I was in the womb and it still hits me like its a new release. Not that I would know what it feels like to hear them as a new release but still. You know what I mean. I’m feeling good and think I should hit the sack. No all nighter for me tonight. But first…








Project XXX

Im in love with Project X. I watched it twice last night and I just bought it on iTunes. It is the sexiest movie ever after porn. It really motivates me to be a huge fucking slut and to workout and tan and dress girly cuz the girls in this movie are SCHWANG. I just came so hard to the fantasy of me finger fucking the shit out of some random slut in a moon bounce and here walks along this sexy sexy guy from my chemistry class all tatted up. After she squirts all over my hand and face, I motion over to him to come fuck her soaking wet pussy. Meanwhile I put this slut to even more use by hopping on her face and rubbing my juices all over her. Then I make myself useful and swallow dude’s load straight out of girl’s pussy. It. Was. Awesome.
Ive been having a lot of kinky sex lately. My daddy (no, not THAT daddy) has been buying me slutty outfits and taking pics of me in them. I especially like dressing up in vinyl and leather. Thats a fun kink to explore. I hope you guys like the pictures. I havnt been shooting anything other than these lately. I think its safe to say Im pretty much done with porn. I won’t abandon my site (at least not more than I already have) but Im just kinda over fucking for everyone else to see and enjoy. I wanna have tons of sex and not worry about what my O face looks like or whether I look fat or old. I just wanna enjoy getting fucked, possibly even making love, I dunno. Maybe my mind is just wandering. For a plethora of good and bad reasons
As for love and relationships, well, honestly, I think they’re a little bit too dangerous right now. Either someone wants you to commit and you’re not ready which is uncomfortable and makes you feel like a douche or you want to commit but they’re not ready which hurts pretty bad. It’s so much easier to just go on a sexual adventure and explore all the different flavors of people… at least I think it is. I suppose it could get quite lonely, ironically but do I really want to look back at the end of my life and regret not exploring my own sexuality out of fear of being a “real” slut or a bad person for cheating or whatever? Everybody else seems to think so little of cheating and they talk about it like its so forgiveable.. until it happens to them. My personal favorite is “you’re in PORN!”. Lol. Well then let me just flip my ‘feelings’ switch off and turn over to robot mode. But I guess if you can’t beat em, join em.
So that’s where I stand right now. Pretty much done with porn. And hornier than ever.









I love my life

Why hello there! In the past 2 weeks, I went to a UFC fight, a Pitbull concert, a Red Hot Chili Peppers concert and to Holly Micheals bday dinner. But today was byfar the best. First of all I slept 13 hours(woohoo). When I woke up, I ate m&ms and sour patch kids while someone cooked me eggs and a bagel with cream cheese. Then one of my boy toys ate my pussy til I came so I retuned the favor and got a mouth load of cum and then he ate my pussy AGAIN. I love my life. Then I tanned out naked by the pool while reading my new favorite book, Sea of Cortez. Steinbeck is hilarious and literally leaves me in awe with his point of views on certain things. After tanning, I ate some Fatburger which probly wasn’t a good idea but it felt great lol. Then I took a random nap and woke up for more sexy time and more oral sex- both ways :). Now I get to watch more recordings from Shark Week before taking a dip in the hot tub and getting fucked up the ass hehe. I tell ya, being a slut seriously has its perks ๐Ÿ™‚

All in all I can’t complain but there are a couple things I would like to improve in my life. First of all my friend just found out his dog has cancer which is heartbreaking for any animal lover and owner. So if you believe in positive energy as a healer, send some this way ๐Ÿ™‚ Second of all, I’m having a hard time with my relationships at the moment. Sometimes I feel like everyone is with me and they can do no wrong and other times it’s as if the world is against me and I’m on my own. In all reality, chances are its neither one nor the other. The truth is rarely black or white, it’s usually very gray. Anyways I guess I’ll just have to feel things out and things will be the way they will be. No sense in worrying about it but I’d rather not lose anymore friends ya know what I mean? Oh well c’est la vie I guess






I could get used to this

Well well well it would seem I havnt talked to all of you in a while. My field trip to Mexico was fucking amazing. I’d tell you more about it but I doubt you want to hear about fish and hermit crabs so we’ll leave that for a rainy day. On a much more interesting note, I recently discovered the pleasures of RECEIVING oral sex and I’ve never been happier. It’s so awesome. You just lay there, get licked and spat on by a slippery wet tongue and let your mind wander through your Roladeck of porn until you cum so hard all over someone else’s face. Meanwhile, it’s so energy efficient that you can do it all day! Don’t get me wrong, I looove to suck cock and pussy, I could do that shit all day too but there’s nothing like cumming on your back from doing nothing. Lol. I have numerous different cocks in my life right now but one in particular is doing me soooo good. He’s been buying me slutty outfits and I’ve been modeling them for his camera. “How slutty?” you ask. Let’s put it this way: 18 of these outfits weighed less than 4.7 lbs lol. He really likes the fishnet ones especially because they make my fat tits look like wrapped sausages lol. So I’ve been sneaking away in my regular clothes and ponytail and then reappearing in fishnet, flamed heels with my hair down. I know he loves it cuz his cock gets hard instantly. I like to tease him by jiggling my boobs in his face and laying back on his bed spread eagle. He likes when I ride him so squat over his cock and tease him with my pussy before riding it so hard I make myself cum. He likes to cum in my pussy which is so hot. I usually keep on riding him for a bit using the cum as lube lol. Then I push it out of my pussy into the palm of my hand and scoop it up with my tongue. You guys know I love having cum in my belly. I can’t wait til school starts next week so he can send me of to class with cum in my holes. He always has so much cum for me. The other day he actually had the audacity to say I couldn’t make him cum 20 times in 1 weekend. Needless to say I was insulted but I was up for the challenge. I even decided that we would put every single load into a measuring cup just so I could prove to him that I am a master cum guzzler and a pro ball drainer. Stay tuned for more on the 20 Load Challenge. Coming soon to a near you. Lol.

On a more serious note, I’m pretty excited about starting school soon. I’m taking 2 marine biology classes, chemistry and linguistics as well as two 3-day classes which are really just field trips to Catalina and Mexico. I learned so much about marine life in just 2 weeks, I feel like I’m going to b so well informed by the end of the semester. And as long as I get a C in all of my classes this fall I will, in theory, be ready to transfer to a 4 year by the end of next Spring. I gotta say I had a rocky start with this school thing but I’m glad I stuck with it. Gaining knowledge brings a certain sense of self worth and respect and yet there is so much room to make mistakes that it is humbling at the same time. Its a much safer dragon to chase than other feel-goods.

Speaking of feel good, I recently spent the day with Kendall Karson and we had such good sex. She likes to lick my asshole and I love doing just about everything to her. She has the prettiest pussy/butthole combo and a very cute body and face to match. And to top it all off, she baked me a pie lol. Don’t worry I recorded all of it, it’s in the archives at

Anywho I’m off to watch the rest of my Shark Week recordings and get more head ๐Ÿ˜‰